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Brixton. The brand, created in 2004 is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Brixton combines love for skateboarding, surfing, music and culture of the city and is the independent alternative for a hackneyed streewear. The Holy Grail for everyone who is looking for an authenticity and deep roots. It is not without reason that people responsible for the brand say about themselves: We are Authentic, We are Diverse, We are Inclusive, We have a Loyal Base - no more to add.


The first C1rca shoes were made in 1999 in California. The company was established in result of the cooperation between Four Star Distribution and a professional skateboarder, Chad Muska, who, at that time, left the ranks of éS Footwear. Since the very beginning in 2000, C1rca has been connected with music, arts and broadly defined life style, but it’s the skateboard which has always been the company’s main direction. The changes, which occurred in the international music society in recent years, have left their mark on the brand, which is noticeable in its current collections. Nowadays, C1rca centers around skateboard, offering its clients classic skate shoes inspired by punk and 90ties. Thanks to the new owner, the brand has caught the ball on the fly, forming a new, fresh, charismatic and full of interesting personalities team. 




Dragon is a brand established in 1993 in California. Its beginning is closely connected with surfing and that’s why the first products offered by the company were sunglasses. The founder and main creator of the brand is Will Howard, who has always been strongly involved in Dragon’s development activities. The brand’s mission has always been to come up to expectations of the young and active people, especially those who surf, snowboard and ride a skateboard. Dragon is nowadays one of the optical market leaders in the sports world. Its strong position led it to expansion and contributed to its occurring on all of the continents. In 2013, Dragon became a part of the global tycoon in the field of optics, namely the Marchon company, which gathers a dozen or so of exclusive and sports glasses brands, including Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Michael Kors and Nike Optics. Dragon is currently one of the leading producers of snowboard goggles offering goggles based on the newest technologies. 


Drake belongs to the same owner as the Northwave brand. It was established in 1991 in the north of Italy. At first, the Drake company manufactured only snowboard bindings but after a few years it started to produce snowboards, which it still does. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of the snowboard bindings and the snowboards lets the Drake company deliver innovative and first-class products.




The Element Skateboards company was established in 1992 in Atlanta. It originally functioned as “Underworld Element.” The founder and author of its logo is Johnny Schillereff. Element is a brand which connects the skateboard with the newest fashion trends. It is a company which refers to its roots and, manufacturing the best snowboard equipment, does not forget about original design. The brand’s skateboards and skate shoes are an inherent element of each self-respecting skate shop. Regular cooperation with charismatic skateboard riders and people deriving from the broadly defined world of art makes every new collection bring about an exceptional message. Element creates a vision of the uncontaminated and unpolluted world full of individualists and diverse passions. “The Element’s seed has been sown… Our aim is to be the best in an honest way. We are pooling our efforts to improve the values, we believe in. Today, we are creating art and determining the direction of skateboard’s development. At the same time, we are raising its level. We are something more than just a brand. We are a society which is creating both its own personality and all that surrounds us.


If we were to describe the brand using only three words, they, with no doubt, would be: “THIS IS SKATEBOARDING”. Since the very beginning in 1996 the brand has been created by skateboarders to skateboarders. Throughout the years, Emerica has always stuck to its idea and it is still manufacturing high quality products which followers can be found all around the world. The world team is represented by such skateboarders as Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Brandon Westage and Jerry Hsu in the world and Mateusz Kowalski, Marcin Myszka, Franek Kramarczyk and Michał Zarzycki in Poland.


For more than 20 years, éS Skateboarding has been regarded to be one of the best brands producing skate shoes in the world. Its broad and recognizable team, in which there were working such personalities from the skateboarding world as: Tom Penny, Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist, Paul Rodriguez and Pj Ladd, together with the highly comfortable and resistant models have made the company successful. In accordance with the current standards, éS Skateboarding has set its sights on manufacturing shoes which would be even more esthetic and functional. The company’s another aim is to minimize the risk of injuries and to achieve this, it is going to apply great amortization and grip. In Poland the company is currently represented by Przemek Wardęga, Krzysiek Chwas and Patryk Głąbień.


The Etnies brand was established in 1986. As the first in the world, it designed and manufactured a promodel of a Natas Kaupas skate shoe. While other companies were still producing skate boots, Etnies launched a skate shoe. The company has always supported action sports, such as skateboard, snowboard, surfing, BMX and motocross. It is also highly involved in various public campaigns, including planting trees in Costa Rica and giving shoes to the homeless. There is a special laboratory, STI Lab, which tests new solutions and technologies, and supervises provision of the first-class action sports shoes.








The Level brand is one of the main producers of sports gloves. Its products are directed to skiers, snowboarders and people looking for warm men’s gloves. Level means more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of high quality gloves, which, thanks to their Italian origin, present an interesting design. The company was the producer of the first snowboard gloves. As the first in the world, it manufactured gloves with taken pads. For many years, Level has been setting the highest standards among gloves producers. Thanks to their involvement in creating the newest technologies, we can now use such systems as Biomex Protection.


The Northwave brand was established in 1991 in the northern region of Italy which is famous for the footwear industry. At the very beginning, the company manufactured the normal shoes, but after a few years it began producing snowboard shoes, which it still does. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing snowboard footwear lets the company deliver stylish and innovative first-class products.



Salty Crew


Santa Cruz




The ThirtyTwo company was established in 1995 by snowboarders and to snowboarders. It’s been driving the world snowboard for 20 years now. Thaks to its team, which is highly involved in every stage of improving of shoe and clothes technologies, it gets products ready for every condition. Doesn’t matter if it’s a street rail in the city or fresh powdery snow in the mountains, everyone will find something suitable to their style of riding. JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Frank April, Simon Chamberlain and Joe Sexton – they’re only a few people form the ThirtyTwo world, and their number is still increasing!


The Volcom brand is nowadays one of the action sport market leaders. Its history starts in 1991 when two friends and surfing and snowboard fans, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, started creating a clothing brand coming beyond the canons of contemporary style and inspired by the Californian spirit. That’s how the cult Volcom brand was established. The company acts on various fields, offering snowboard and streetwear clothes. The brand’s spirit is created by one of the best teams, which gathers the greatest skateboard, snowboard and surfing stars, including Ryan Sheckler, Terie Hakonsen and Kelly Slater. The combination of different generations gives a great medley of experience and freshness. Volcom’s products mean the best quality and the newest fashion trends. However, the company’s style refers to its roots and manufactured clothes are still inspired by punk rock and art. Volcom creates clothes which not only give the meaning of its unusual style, but also give energy to its clients. 


Cool Sport was born from passion for extreme sports. Its founders are two brothers who were one of the first people in Poland to ride a snowboard. At the beginning of the 90’s snowboarding and skateboarding were exotic sports and the necessary equipment was unavailable in Poland. The brothers saw increasing interest in new sports disciplines, and they decided to transfer their passion to the business field.

The first specialist shop offering snowboard and skateboard equipment was established in Kraków in 1995. Its name was COOL SPORT. The idea turned out to be a great success. By the end of the 90's, lots of people loved snowboarding, which became a mass sport. Two years after opening the first shop, the company decided to expand its business and opened a few more retail outlets and started a wholesale business of products imported for the needs of their shops. It resulted in signing their first distribution contract on the import and wholesale of Generics snowboards and Blax snowboard boots and bindings in 1997. A year later, the distribution offer was diversified and the company started to sell Northwave snowboard boots and Drake bindings. The following years resulted in new contracts giving Cool Sport the exclusive distribution of Lamar, Sims and Head Snowboards and the right to represent them in Poland.

2003 was a groundbreaking year. Cool Sport became the exclusive distributor in Poland of Sole Technology, which offers such brands as: Etnies, Es, Emerica, Altamont and Thirty Two. It was an important moment which gave the company sales balance during the whole year. Moreover, in the same year, the company decided to begin online sales.

Excellent cooperation with Head in the field of snowboard distribution resulted in taking over the distribution of all Head products. In 2008, Cool Sport became an official Head distributor in Poland and started to offer skis, tennis, squash and badminton equipment. Unfortunately, the global crisis of 2008/2009 led to an increase of risk and a wave of bankruptcies of many sports stores. Cool Sport, wishing to reduce risk related to currency fluctuations and unstable markets, assisted Head in creating a new department in Poland, resulting in a more beneficial business model for both sides.

Throughout the years, Cool Sport has won many awards and distinctions, including the “Distributor of the Year”, which the company has been awarded several times. In 2010 and 2011 the company won the prestigious title of “Gazele Biznesu” and was included in the exclusive circle of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.

Nowadays, Cool Sport is a professional distributing company employing 46 people, with its own 2,500 sq.m. storehouse and over 500 sq.m. offices and showrooms. We offer such brands as: Brixton, Etnies, Es, Emerica, Altamont, Thirty Two, Volcom, Element, Supra, Krew, C1rca, Dirty Velvet, Northwave, Drake, Dragon, Von Zipper and Level.

Our company derives from passion for sport and has transferred to the business field features such as optimism, involvement, perseverance and consistency, which are closely connected with the passion which enabled the company’s success. With more then 20 years’ experience Cool Sport is created by people ready to face every challenge.